The Sound of 2020

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

It was the year the world changed for a whole number of reasons... live music was cancelled and we all had to stay inside more than ever before. Gone were the days of gigs, sweaty mosh pits, bars and pubs. All replaced with virtual events and zoom concerts. God I missed live music. The year of 2020, was the year I realised how much the feeling of live music brought to me... pure happiness of being in the moment, in a massive crowd, surrounded by likeminded people feeling every beat and hearing every word.

BMTH owned the sound of 2020

I have never even been to a live gig with my boyfriend?! Something I love so much... my favourite thing to do.. and he has never even seen me or been with me to enjoy my passion. Here’s to 2021 and hopefully that changing.

One thing can be said about 2020... the new music was insane. Another level entirely. And I wonder if it’s because we all had more time to actually sit back and listen to the music? Like properly listen? And the artists themselves using the current world climate to create some of the best music they have been able to, pushing themselves to their musics boundaries to bring incredible music to an otherwise shitty year.


Here are my top picks of the music that shaped 2020:


  1. Machine Gun Kelly: Tickets to my downfall.

  2. Bring Me The Horizon: Post human: Survival horror.

  3. Creeper: Sex, death & the infinite void.

  4. Biffy Clyro: A celebration of endings.

  5. All Time Low: Wake up sunshine.

  6. Ozzy Osborne: Ordinary man.

  7. AC/DC: Power up.

  8. Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts

  9. Yungblud: Weird!.

  10. The Struts: Strange days.

  11. Enter Shikari: Nothing is true & Everything is possible.

  12. Asking Alexandria: Like a house on fire.



  1. Machine Gun Kelly: Bloody valentine

  2. Alter Bridge: Last Rites

  3. Architects: Animals

  4. Biffy Clyro: Instant history

  5. Bring Me The Horizon: Obey

  6. The Pretty Reckless: Death by rock and roll

  7. Falling in Reverse: Carry on

  8. Ozzy Osborne: Ordinary Man

  9. Bring Me The Horizon: Teardrops

  10. All Time Low: Monsters

  11. Miley Cyrus: Zombie (Live Cover)

  12. Creeper: Born cold

As much as 2020 was a year we have all said we would like to forget... I think when you look at the music it has brought us, it's safe to say these bands gave us all a little bit of solace at least.

Here's to the sound of 2021.... and live gigs. Please please live gigs.

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