Album Review. Machine Gun Kelly. Tickets To My Downfall.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

You think of Machine Gun Kelly and you think... rapper? Major drama with Eminem? A bit of a d**k? Yeah yeah that's pretty much the general thoughts that surrounded MGK. Then came the summer of this year and he hints at dropping a pop punk album of all things alongside Blink-182s Travis Barker... and the internet collectively laughed. It really did. Not just the internet either, but his own label were even sat there scratching their heads... switch to the viral video of MGK jumping on the table in front of them all exclaiming how this pop punk album was going to be his biggest hit, and here we are today.

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The record is insane. When it was dropped MGK asked for it to be listened to as a journey from start to finish in order of the track-list and it genuinely is hit after hit, from start to finish. The number 1 album spot speaks for itself doesn't it?

The first and biggest single to come from the record 'Bloody Valentine' is what got everyone talking. The catchiest song from the offset, people were listening on repeat and it made its way onto Radio stations such as Kerrang! and even BBC Radio 1 quickly. With a music video featuring Megan Fox it was going to create noise (not to mention the reveal that they were now dating since meeting while filming it) and it soon won Best Alternative track at the VMAs this summer. 'Concert For Aliens' followed and MGK was solidifying himself in the rock, pop punk genre with the help of Travis Barker. It is catchy, quick, and possibly one of my favourite songs on the record.

MGK has apparently started to create another pop punk record for release next year... he is solidifying himself well and truly into the rock scene of the future.

My View... Probably the best album release of 2020.

The Pop-Punk revival is real.

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