Album Review. Bring Me The Horizon. Post Human: Survival Horror

Bring Me The Horizon hold no bars with this new album they dropped last week. A raw look into the feelings of many during the year of 2020 and how it has changed the world indefinitely.

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I was never one to listen to BMTH, not because I didn't want to, but the band have just been slowly rising through the music world and never crossed my path (or my Spotify account). Starting out in the early 2000's I was only 10, and my family were big on 'Tears For Fears', 'AHA' and 'Depeche Mode'... probably explains many of my music choices today, but isn't really along the line of BMTH. Their smash 2019 Album'amo' which thrusted them onto mainstream radio stations brought my attention to them fully. It was experimental and, I now know, a step away from their original heavier sound but 'Post Human' seems to return to originality slightly.

At just half an hour long the full album can really be taken in completely and the lyrics resonate so strongly with the current problems plaguing the world. Recorded in the height of the early 2020 lockdown many feelings and emotions from that period have transferred into the album. A lot of artists have done this during the year, many tracks regarding the current world we are in, but this BMTH album has to be up there for me as the best in really cementing how we were collectively feeling in those months. With lyrics such as...

"The sky is falling, it's f**ing boring, i'm going braindead, isolated" Dear Diary

"When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?" Parasite Eve

It tells the full story of the emotional rollercoaster that is 2020.


Babymetal, YUNGBLUD and Amy Lee collaborate on the album in different ways and all are a success. YUNGBLUD is climbing the ranks this year and is appearing everywhere from his solo work to MGK's 'Tickets to my downfall' and the track 'Obey' with BMTH is insanely good... listen to it very very loud.

Babymetal's original sound is all over their track 'Kingslayer', it is a personal favourite of mine on the record. It is my boyfriends least favourite however (not a fan of Babymetal... I know, it blows my mind).

Amy Lee brings her undeniable voice to the insanely long titled.... 'One day the only butterflies left will be in your chest as you march towards your death'... wow what a bloody mouthful, but a beautiful soft way to end an insane album.

What. An. Album.

Personal favourites: Obey (with YUNGBLUD) and Teardrops.

My thoughts... go and listen to this, in full, stupidly loud, right now.

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