Album Review. Alter Bridge. Walk The Sky 2.0

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Released on November 6th Alter Bridge have attempted to brighten the state of the world with their updated version of their hit 2019 album 'Walk the Sky' (WTS). With only one new song and a handful of live tracks added to the end of the track list, does it deliver? For me... yes, yes it does.

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Now some may call me biased. I am a big lover of Alter Bridge, ever since I saw them live in 2017 Donington Park (the home of rock music) their music has filled the rooms in my house on almost a daily basis. Funny story... I actually was in a portaloo as they play the main stage at Download Festival as I had never heard of them, the group I was with wasn't enthralled to watch them, and I just went with the crowd. What. A. Mistake. I left the toilets.. ran to the side of the main stage away from my group and listened to what would be some of the best guitar based music I have ever heard live and it was the moment my music taste grew.

Since that day in 2017 I have repeatedly played AB's albums from start to finish, each one with its own separate story... but that's for another post to talk about (BlackBird... right?!). When Walk the Sky was released in 2019 it was a momentous day and the album was hugely celebrated. AB stuck to what they do well: the heavy riffs, Kennedys high tones and what was the most welcomed addition...Tremonti taking the lead vocal on a number of occasions and beautifully in 'Forever Falling'. When the band announced the updated version of their 2019 album I was excited.. and curious as to what additions there would be.

The band dropped the two new singles from the WTS 2.0 album over this summer 'Native Son' and 'Last Rites'. Native son is classic Alter Bridge, them at their best... strong melodies, heavy guitars and killer vocals... what more could you want? Last Rites though, is different. Still an incredible single that is no different, but the sound is almost something new? I have heard it being described as sounding similar to Alice in Chains, a bit darker, a bit heavier. I like it, but, Native Son takes the cake for me as the better... but its all personal taste.

The live tracks at the end of WTS 2.0 are classic Alter Bridge.. what more can be said other than that? Incredibly created and incredible vocals. But I will say... this updated album doesn't include enough for it to be hailed a revelation... it is a reflection of 2019. Let's hope for completely new music going forward.

Myles Kennedy has been recently working on his upcoming second solo album, could this have taken time away from working on the updated WTS? Possibly. But there is no denying the classic tones of his voice echoing through the new live tracks on this album and Tremonti's strong STRONG riffs. If you are a fan of Alter Bridge I would jump at getting this updated album and spend the day away listening to the live tunes... god knows we are all missing actual live gigs right now.

I would say... go stream.

Available now.

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